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please ignore, this is for my graphic shop

Posted by Jordyn on December 20, 2010 at 2:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Font 1- Accidental Kiss

Font 2- Chewy Stewy

Font 3- Clementine Sketch

Font 4- Freeze

Font 5- Funhouse

Font 6- King Kool KC

Font 7- Pea Ashlyn

Font 8- Pea Hannah Rockyroad

Font 9- Pea Katie Shea

Font 10- Pea Neat Freak

Font 11- Pea Picky Panda

Font 12- Pea Summer Funkyness

Font 13- Rhino Dino

Font 14- Smiley Monster

Font 15- Spicy Sushi Roll

Font 16- Stinkerella & Stinkzilla

Font 17- Wish I Were Taller

Font 18- Popstar Autograph

Font 19- Yahoo

Font 20- Yummah Strawberries

Font 21- Pea Emma Kate

Font 22- Pea Yummy breakfast

Font 23- Pea Weenie

Font 24- Pea Tammy

Font 25- Pea Jack & Jane

Font 26- Pea Jiawei

Font 27- Pea Hart

Font 28- Milk Cocoa

Font 29- Ghosttown

Font 30- Mr and mrs popsicle

Font 31- Baruta

Font 32- Pea Porrige hot

Font 33- Pea Zingy

Font 34- Soopafresh

Font 35- Stereofidolic

Font 36- Pea becky's babblings

Font 37- Pea Decia

Font 38- Pea Sarah

Font 39- Pea Jillybean

Font 40- Pea Teran

Font 41- Pea Bandit

Font 42- Pea Lauryn

Font 43- Pea Carol

Font 44- Pea Courtney


Size 60 for examples.

Font Baruta for examples.

Size 30 for bottom text.

Pea Neat Freak. Special examples.

Size 35, pea hannah rocky road for labels.

Size 80, pea deliahs doodles, lowercase y for style 8.


Style 1- Simple

Style 2- Outline

Style 3- Layered text

Style 4- Gradient

Style 5- Gradient with outline

Style 6- Pixel line

Style 7- Multi color

Style 8- Symbol

Style 9- Stripes

Style 10- Scribble




Pea noodle parlor

Pea Gabe


pea deliah's doodles\

W- peace sign

pea stacy's doodles\

^- cupcake

D- rocketship

Y- strawberry

2- grapes

V- hairbrush

s- pear

d- tree

c- tree

N- ticket

?- popcorn

pea jokilyn's doodles\

H- moon and stars

a- sunshine

pea cookies doodles\

X- pineapple

n- feather

W- beehive

pea weenie\

#- star




$- smiley face

+- heart


f- gumball machine

?- popcorn

^- cupcake

1- strawberry


Q- cupcake

T- lightbulb

U- coffee cup

P- flower


Y- candy

c- soda

V- soft drink

e- lightswitch

t- butterfly



%- smiley

$- heart


e- bone


e- peace sign

E- star


\please ignore this, this is because my laptop broke down, i need someplace to store this information for my shop. the other is the things not displayed, because i didn't have room for it on the examples. thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Jordyn on November 24, 2010 at 11:39 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy Thanksgiving all of you!!! :]

Official Toontown district

Posted by Jordyn on November 7, 2010 at 12:39 PM Comments comments (0)

Our official TT district is Boingyboro. If you need help with maxing your boss suits or doing toontasks go there. You might spot a Chatting Chillout member there doing your same task. Boingyboro is the district.

Arrrrgh! Happy talk like a pirate day!

Posted by Jordyn on September 19, 2010 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Ahoy mates! Happy talk like a pirate day!


Things to bring in the school year

Posted by Jordyn on September 19, 2010 at 8:13 AM Comments comments (0)

-Diary of a Wimpy Kid (too funny)

-Sweetarts (yum)

-Silly Bandz (a must)



I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it's hilarious, I always read it when the teacher starts yelling. xD


Sweetarts are an awesome snack if you don't feel like eating those gross school lunches.


Silly Bandz are so cool now, everyone loves trading them!